Cambio is a unit converter for the iPhone and iPod touch, designed to let you get your conversions done quickly and conveniently.

Just choose the type of conversion, touch the unit of the value you're entering, and see the results appear in other units as you type. You control which conversions and units are at the top, making your favourites even faster to access.

  • Fast results: no need to choose input and output units first.
  • Use compound units as they are meant to: feet & inches, pounds & ounces, stones and pounds.
  • See time intervals as a combination of years, days, hours, minutes and seconds, not just as fractions.
  • 10 types of conversion: Currency, Length, Weight, Temperature, Volume, Area, Energy, Pressure, Speed and Time.
  • 34 currencies, updated daily from the European Central Bank.
Please note that Cambio is no longer available for download.
See this blog post for details.
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Cambio 1.1 allows disabling automatic FX rate updates, adds more units and fixes bugs.

Released: 2009-01-23

License: Free

Requires iPhone or iPod OS 2.0 or later