Amar Sagoo


Many of us want to stay fit, but how are we supposed to know how much we’ve moved? Your phone might count your steps, but many activities aren’t about that. Even if you have a smartwatch, it might not always know what exercise you’re doing – if you’re even wearing it!

Exercised lets you track more of your physical activity, and with minimal effort. Just tell it where you usually go to exercise, and it will detect visits and remind you to record your workout afterwards. It pre-fills all the details and estimates the calories you burned – for 66 different types of exercise. Your workout is then added to Apple Health/Fitness so you can track your activity and make progress towards your move goal.

If you did a workout at home or somewhere the app doesn’t know about, adding it is still painless. Exercised uses every trick in the book to reduce the effort of entering the details.

Exercised was designed for maximum privacy. Your data is only ever added to your Apple Health database or saved privately to your device, never shared with the developer or other third parties. You can find out more in the privacy policy

Questions? Check out the help page.

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