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Exercised: Help

How does the app work?

Exercised helps you add workouts to your Apple Health database, primarily by trying to guess when you’ve been exercising. It does this by assuming that visits to places you specify correspond to workouts.

If it thinks you’ve done a workout, it will suggest adding it to Apple Health, pre-filling the details for you to review. It uses various methods to guess the start and end more precisely, beyond just the time you arrived and left.

Not all workouts can be automatically detected this way, for example if you stayed at home to exercise. In those cases, you can add them manually by tapping “Add Other Workout”. The app still tries to make this process easy, by prefilling the form as best it can based on your past behaviour.

What if I exercise at home?

Because the app assumes that a visit to a place corresponds to a workout, it can’t guess when you exercise in places where you also spend time otherwise, for example at home. You can add such workouts manually by tapping “Add Other Workout”.

What about exercise that’s not tied to a place?

If you do exercise that doesn’t correspond to visits to a particular place (for example, cycling around your neighbourhood), the app can’t detect those workouts automatically. You can add them manually by tapping “Add Other Workout”.

What if I do more than one type of exercise in a place?

If you might do different types of exercise on different visits to the same place, you can select all those activities when you’re adding the place. After a visit, the app will try to guess which one you did based on what you tend to do on different days of the week. If it guesses incorrectly, you can simply switch to one of the other activities you originally specified.

The app only allows specifying one type of activity per workout. So if you do multiple types of exercise during a single visit, you can either choose a more general activity that covers them all, such as “Other/General”, “Mixed Cardio” or “Cross-Training”, or add multiple workouts manually for the different activities you did.

How is energy burned calculated?

The energy you used in a workout is estimated from your body weight, the duration of your workout and the effort involved (based on the type of activity and, if relevant, its intensity). The estimated effort for different activities is based on the Compendium of Physical Activities.

Note that the energy calculated by the app is only a rough estimate. The actual energy you use during a workout will depend on many factors it can’t capture, for instance, how much time you spent taking breaks. Some activities allow adjusting the intensity with a slider. For these, you can consider selecting a lower intensity level to reflect longer or more frequent breaks.

Do I need to grant all the permissions the app requests?

Here are the permissions the app requests, what they’re used for and to what extent they’re required:

Is my data private?

The app only ever adds information to your Apple Health database or saves it privately on your device. It’s never shared with the developer or any other third party. More details can be found in the privacy policy.

Other questions

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