Amar Sagoo


Tofu was designed to help you read text on your Mac.

Text is often very wide, making it hard for your eyes to jump from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. That’s why newspapers have narrow columns: it makes them faster to read. Another problem is that vertical scrolling can be disorienting, as lines of text all look pretty much the same and are hard to track as they move.

Other apps try to address this by showing text in two columns, like facing pages of a book. But why limit yourself to two? And surely we can do better than flipping through pages one at a time?

Tofu shows text in a horizontal array of columns. You decide the width and number of columns and can move freely and fluidly through your document.

Version 3.0 brings support for modern macOS versions and improvements to usability, layout behaviour and performance. Revision 3.0.1 fixes isses with displaying content, particularly on macOS Sonoma 14.

Tofu icon

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